4 Worrisome HVAC Odors

Worrisome HVAC Odors

If you smell something unpleasant in your Abernathy, Texas, home, your HVAC system could be the cause. Stinky HVAC odors often indicate the presence of a more serious problem within the system or ductwork. Take a look at some of the most concerning HVAC odors that you might smell.

Rotten Eggs

Unless you actually have eggs that have gone bad in your home, the smell of rotten eggs often comes from natural gas. This odor is especially worrisome because it can indicate that your HVAC system has a gas leak, which can put your family in danger. If you smell that familiar natural gas odor, shut off power to your HVAC system and contact your gas company as soon as you can. Next, you’ll need to have an HVAC technician take a look.

Electrical Smells

If you smell wires burning, your system may be having an electrical issue that needs to be resolved. An electrical odor can occur if the motor inside the heating or cooling system is burning out, or it can happen when the wiring is going bad. Any type of electrical problem can increase the risk of fire, so get it checked out as soon as possible.

Musty Odors

A musty odor in the air usually means you have moisture somewhere in your HVAC unit. This can happen when water isn’t draining properly from the condensation line when your air conditioner is running. You could have a clog in the drainage line. Moisture in the ductwork can also cause the musty odor, so if the condensation line isn’t clogged, having your ducts professionally cleaned may resolve the issue.

Fuel or Oil

Many heating systems rely on gas or oil to operate, but you shouldn’t smell it unless something is wrong. If you catch a whiff of oil or gas in your home, the unit may be leaking or you could have a clogged burner. A leak can usually be resolved by tightening a valve, but a clogged burner is potentially dangerous, so get it checked by an HVAC expert.

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