Go Green - Green Plumbing & HVAC Solutions

Call us to learn more about what going green means when it comes to HVAC and plumbing. There are many reliable products that can help the environment and lower your utility costs. From high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems to tankless water heaters and solar technology, today’s homeowner has more reliable choices than ever to go green without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Green Plumbing Solutions

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters offer a proven alternative to the storage tank water heaters most commonly found in U.S. homes. Storage tank water heaters store 40 to 120 gallons of water at a time and constantly reheat that water regardless of how much is actually demanded. A tankless water heater is also called an “on-demand” water heater because it only heats water when you turn on the hot water tap.

When you turn the hot water tap in a home with a tankless water heater, a powerful gas or electric heater kicks on and instantly heats water running through coils in the unit. Since water is only heated when you need it, you save on the costs associated with constantly heating and reheating a large tank of water. Tankless water heaters can accommodate the needs of large families and commercial buildings and can be adjusted for temperature just like the “old fashioned” storage tank water heaters.

Used for decades in Europe where living space is at a premium, tankless water heaters are a safe and reliable way to use less energy. They are also smaller than standard water heaters, saving space if you are doing new construction.

High-Efficiency Toilets

High-efficiency toilets are designed to flush waste matter into your sewer or septic system with less water than conventional toilets. While these modern toilets are required for new construction in many cities, many homeowners are electing to replace their old toilets now to help the environment and save on utility bills.

Toilets manufactured before 1997 can use several gallons of water per flush. Modern toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush and certain models use as little as 1 gallon per flush. Some toilets come with two options for flushing, so you can use less water for purely liquid waste.

Design on these toilets has come a long way. When they were first introduced, many found them to be less effective at removing waste sometimes requiring a second flush. Like any other major appliance, designs improve over time and high efficiency toilets are no exception. The new models are quite effective and can save you several gallons of water with every flush.

Green HVAC Solutions

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal systems use technology known as ground source heat pumps to make the transfer of hot and cool air more efficient. Because the system works with the relative temperature of the earth instead of the variable temperatures above ground, geothermal heating and cooling systems use 40-60% less energy than conventional systems.

We can help you understand the benefits of high efficiency appliances and systems including Federal and local tax credits and rebates. Just give us a call!