Why You Want Your AC Technician to be NATE Certified

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Figuring out who to call in Lubbock, TX when your AC breaks can be stressful, especially when you’re looking for quality and dependability at a reasonable cost. However, you should always look for someone with NATE certification to fix your AC.

What is NATE Certification?

NATE is an acronym for North American Technician Excellence. NATE is a non-profit program that certifies professionals in the US and Canada to work in the HVAC industry. The NATE coalition includes several important organizations like the US Environmental Protection Agency.

To become NATE certified, an HVAC professional has to pass a series of exams. These exams follow three paths: installation, service, and senior technician. Within these paths are specialties, like air conditioning or commercial refrigeration.

To become certified a technician has to take a core and a specialty test, the questions of which are crafted by experts in the HVAC industry. NATE certification guarantees that the person coming to fix your AC has the necessary knowledge and skills to do the job right.

Why Does it Matter?

NATE certification is the only type of certification the HVAC industry recognizes. Because of the exam’s difficulty level, technicians don’t always pass the first time. When someone is NATE certified, it means he or she has the experience to properly install, maintain, and repair specific types of HVAC equipment.

In the heat of a Texas summer or fall, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken AC. When hiring a technician, if you look for someone NATE certified you know your AC will be fixed right the first time. Nobody wants to deal with paying for a repair only for the equipment to break down again and need a costlier fix later. A NATE certified technician will be able to tell you if the equipment is worth saving or if it needs to be replaced.

If you need HVAC maintenance or are having air conditioning trouble, call the Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning Company at (806) 589-1014 and get a NATE certified technician to address all your cooling needs.

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