Time for a New Heating System? Here’s What’s New

furnaceAlthough you might not use it often in Lubbock, Texas, your heating system becomes your best friend when a cold front blasts through the area. While the winter weather might be blowing away for the year soon, now’s as good time as any to invest in a new heating system if you need one. Not only will it prepare you for next winter, but it’ll also cost you less, since most people are getting ready for the summer.

That said, here is what the newest furnaces and boilers on the market today can offer by way of improvements:

The Newest Boilers on the Market

When it comes to purchasing a new boiler, you first must decide whether you want an oil-fired or a gas-fried one. While a gas boiler is more efficient, an oil boiler is cheaper to operate. Here are two of the newest boilers on the market and what each uniquely offers. As it pertains to minimal maintenance, both types are better than furnaces.

Performance™ 90 Gas-Fired Boiler BW9

  • Achieves an efficiency of 90 percent AFUE
  • Includes cast-aluminum heat exchanger
  • Turns on with a single-stage gas valve

Performance™ 86 Oil-Fired Boiler BW5

  • Achieves an efficiency of 86 percent AFUE
  • Includes cast-iron heat exchanger
  • Turns on with electronic spark to pilot ignition

The Newest Furnaces on the Market

Like a boiler, you can either purchase a gas or an oil furnace. As it pertains to energy efficiency, either type of furnace is considered better than either type of boiler. When compared, though, both have their own advantages/disadvantages. No matter which model of a modern furnace you purchase, you can expect your system to:

  • Operate economically, with two stages of heat
  • Operate quietly, with a variable-speed motor fan
  • Operate comfortably, with an extensive set of controls at your fingertips

For more information about energy efficiency, or if you have questions about purchasing a new heating system, read about saving on AC costs this summer or contact us at 806-589-1014.

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