Telltale Signs That a Plumbing Upgrade May Be Needed in Your Texas Home

plumbing upgradeAre you seeing signs that you need a plumbing upgrade? You may be without even knowing it. When home systems like cooling or heating equipment go into decline, the evidence is often hard to miss. Plumbing incurs wear and tear steadily over the years just like other household components. However, the hints that a plumbing upgrade is in your immediate future may be less obvious. That is, until something dramatic happens, like a supply line rupture that causes expensive water damage.

Don’t be taken by surprise. Inspect your plumbing once a year and ask a qualified plumber for a professional opinion if you’re seeing signs like the following.

Unexplained Wall Stains or Wet Spots That Never Dry

You may be able to associate these with an obvious ongoing leak nearby, but maybe not. Supply lines leaking inside wall voids, for example, may drip down and stain drywall or ceilings far from their origin.

Evidence of Leakage and Deterioration in Pipes

These include discoloration, stains and mineral residue from leaks that may have dried up. Pinhole leaks in supply lines sometimes spontaneously seal themselves. However, the internal corrosion and deterioration goes on unseen and a major rupture may still result. Always contact a plumbing professional as soon as possible if you notice changes in water supply lines.

Visible Leaks That May Indicate Hidden Leaks Elsewhere

All plumbing in a house tends to age at a consistent rate. Therefore, if degradation and leakage is evident in a span of plumbing you can easily see, you may assume that other pipes you can’t see are deteriorating as well.

Changes in Water Quality

If the visual appearance of water takes on a rusty appearance or taste, particularly from a tap that’s been shut off for a while, that’s a red flag for internal deterioration in the water supply line.

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