Save Energy with a Tankless Water Heater

energy savings

A tankless water heater can save energy, lower your utility bills, and make hot water more accessible to you and your family. It can even increase the value of your Abernathy, Texas, home. Tankless water heaters are more expensive initially than conventional water heaters, but they’re much more efficient. This means that a tankless water heater can eventually pay for itself through energy savings. Here are some other benefits of tankless water heaters.

Save Energy

Tankless units lower your utility bills because they only heat water when you need it. A sensor activates when you turn on the tap. Then, the heater starts and you get hot water. In contrast, water heaters with tanks have to keep the water they store at a constant temperature, even when no one is using it. Even with good insulation, a conventional water heater will always lose energy through the walls of the tank.

Save Space

Most tankless water heaters aren’t much bigger than a desktop computer. Conventional water heaters have bulky metal tanks that are taller than most people, and they use all the space in a utility closet or a large amount of space in a basement. You can fit a tankless water heater underneath a kitchen or bathroom sink and then use the extra space for storage.

Never Run Out of Hot Water

Tankless water heaters provide an endless flow of hot water, so there’s no need to wait for more after one person finishes a shower or other task. However, they can only heat two to five gallons of water per minute. If you have a large family that likes to use the washing machine or the dishwasher while other people are in the shower, you might install more than one tankless unit.

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