Look for the Energy Star Logo When Shopping for HVAC Products

Energy Efficiency

It’s likely that choosing a new HVAC system could be one of the more complicated purchasing decision you make, but by searching for those with the Energy Star logo first, it’s easy to narrow your options. Since keeping your home comfortable throughout the year takes about half of your overall energy budget, selecting Energy Star equipment helps reduce monthly energy costs.

How HVAC Products Earn the Label

Manufacturers must meet the stringent requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency for each product submitted for Energy Star approval. Each model of HVAC equipment undergoes laboratory testing to establish its energy efficiency. Only those that demonstrate they use 15 percent less energy than the current minimum standards established by the Department of Energy are considered for Energy Star certification.

The products must also demonstrate that they save energy when used in a variety of climate conditions and that the equipment provides a payback within a reasonable period of time, since higher efficiency systems tend to cost more initially.

What to Look For

Cooling and heating equipment carries a label on the product itself or on the EnergyGuide label. It’s bright yellow and shows pertinent information about the product and its energy usage. If it meets the criteria, the label will display the Energy Star logo in the bottom right-hand corner of the label.

Besides the Energy Star symbol, you may find that it says “Most Efficient.” This distinction means that the HVAC equipment exceeds the requirements of the Energy Star program and offers the most efficiency available in products in its class.


When you invest in equipment that meets the Energy Star threshold, you’ll be cutting your energy consumption and costs. Given how long and hard HVAC equipment runs in the South Plains area, you’ll start saving money and energy resources each time it runs.

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