Getting Your Plumbing Ready for Holiday Get-Togethers

Holiday Plumbing Ready

The holidays typically means more cooking than usual and more family and friends visiting your Lubbock, TX home for parties, dinners or small get-togethers. Whatever your situation, keep in mind that increased use of your plumbing system could pose problems, so here are a few reminders.

Check for Clogged Sinks

It’s not uncommon for people to have huge get-togethers during the holidays. Whether you’re having two people over or 20, you need to make sure your sinks are functioning well. A slow or clogged sink can quickly turn into a huge mess, especially if it’s the kitchen sink. You’re going to be doing lots of dishes, so make sure the sinks and drains are good to go. A professional plumber can unclog any drain that is slow or clogged.

Fix the Garbage Disposal

One of the simplest ways to get rid of food and leftovers is to put it down a garbage disposal. This keeps the trash from overflowing and inhibits odors as the food goes bad sitting in the wastebasket. Is your garbage disposal broken? If so, make sure to contact a professional plumber to fix it before your next big get-together. You’ll greatly appreciate having a working garbage disposal once it comes time to clean up the kitchen.

Avoid Frozen Pipes

Even if the holiday get-together is at someone else’s house, you still need to make sure your pipes are in good order while you’re away if temperatures will be below freezing. From holiday parties to traveling halfway across the country to visit family for Christmas, there’s much to do and so little time. If you’re going on a vacation and you’re concerned about pipes in exterior walls freezing, take steps to have the pipes insulated. This ensures if the temperature gets too cold outside, the pipes won’t freeze.

BTAC specializes in a variety of quality plumbing services. We are here to make sure your plumbing is ready for the holidays. Our extensive plumbing knowledge allows you to enjoy the holidays instead of worrying about your plumbing. Contact us today by visiting our website or give us a call at (806) 589-1014.

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