Get Green: Supplement Your Air Purifier with these 3 Plants

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It may be easy to stay indoors and avoid the outdoor pollutants in Lubbock, Texas, but homeowners may forget that some air pollutants that plague their living space occur inside. Carpets, furniture and cleaning chemicals can contribute to volatile organic compounds inside a home. Removing indoor air pollutants may require a combination of air purifier technology as well as nature’s purifiers: plants. Here are three plants that can supplement your air purifier and clean your air.

Peace Lily

If you’re new to caring for plants, the peace lily is a great plant to get you started. This plant requires little light and water, and it even droops to let you know it needs more moisture. The peace lily also removes a number of pollutants from your air, including formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Be careful as the peace lily can be toxic if ingested. Wash your hands after touching it, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Snake Plant

Also known as "Mother-in-Law’s Tongue," the snake plant is another great way to get green even if your thumb isn’t so green. The snake plant can survive in a wide range of temperatures and lighting. Snake plants also thrive with less watering. Like the peace lily, this plant is also a fantastic natural filter, removing formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, nitrogen oxide, and more from your air. Be sure to keep this plant from being ingested by kids and pets, too.

English Ivy

You may have seen English Ivy climbing up walls and lattices in outdoor landscaping, but you can also bring this plant indoors for both a splash of color and an improvement to indoor air quality. As long as your English Ivy is at a constant temperature and has direct sunlight as well as generous watering, it will thrive and remove formaldehyde, xylene, and more from your air. This plant may also help reduce biological growth in your living space.

You can never get too much help improving your indoor air quality. Take the best nature has to offer, and use it to supplement the best in air cleaning technology. Don’t have an air purifier? Have one installed by calling BTAC at 806-589-1014 for an appointment.

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