Comparing the Pros and Cons of a Gas vs. an Oil Furnace for Your Texas Home

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There are a number of options for keeping your home warm this winter, but two of the most popular are gas and oil furnaces. Which is better, though? Which is more affordable? Which is the most effective for heating your home? The gas vs. oil furnace debate has been going on for decades, and each camp has its firm supporters and staunch decryers. As you make your own decision, here are a few facts to consider.


Oil prices have been steadily declining this winter, but even so, the cost of heating your home with an oil furnace is considerably higher than it is to use gas. Plus, remember that your heating solution is long term. Oil prices may fall this winter but reach record highs by next heating season. Gas prices, meanwhile, tend to be more stable. As for the furnaces themselves, though, gas furnaces are more expensive than oil.


While gas furnaces are more expensive, they’re also quieter, cleaner and more efficient than oil furnaces. Over time, the price difference should pay for itself with energy savings. But although gas has a higher heating efficiency, oil delivers more heat per BTU than just about any other method.


Oil furnaces require a tank on your property that must periodically have oil delivered to it. Gas is delivered via pipeline, but not all areas have a gas supply available.

A gas furnace must be serviced annually. If you neglect to schedule an annual HVAC maintenance visit, the furnace will run less efficiently, eventually falling into disrepair. Oil furnaces require more frequent and extensive service, but that service is generally provided by the oil delivery company, as part of your service contract.

There are pros and cons to both gas and oil. Ultimately, the decision depends on you. What are your needs and preferences when it comes to heating your home? Examine the factors inherent in each method, as well as other heating possibilities, and decide which option will best meet those needs.

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