What Are the Most Common A/C Problems and How Can I Handle Them?

common A/C problemsIt’s the height of summer and the worst possible time for your air conditioner to break down. Calling an HVAC technician to come fix it can be both time-consuming and costly. And what if the problem turns out to be something really simple? Here are four common A/C problems to check for before calling in a professional, and what to do about them.

4 Common A/C Problems

1. A/C isn’t running. If your system doesn’t run at all, first check the simple things. Is it definitely turned on? Is there a power cord unplugged? Did you blow a fuse or trip the circuit breaker? If none of these things is the problem, check the thermostat. If it runs on batteries, try replacing them. Then lower the setting by five degrees to see if the system starts up. If not, then the issue is probably with the motor or the compressor, and you’ll need a professional technician.

2. System runs, but doesn’t cool. Check the condenser. Sometimes it can become obstructed by grass or other debris, which prevents airflow. Make sure there’s at least two feet of clearance on all sides.

3. System doesn’t cool the house enough. If the house can’t seem to get to a comfortable temperature, or takes an inordinately long time to do so, your thermostat settings may be off. Lower the thermostat a few degrees to see if that makes things cooler. If not, try cleaning the evaporator. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, then your A/C may be the wrong size for your home. This is one of the most common A/C problems there is, and fixing it means replacing the system. But always consult with a professional first to make sure that this really is the problem. On extremely hot days, any home may have a little trouble getting down to a comfortable temperature.

4. System cycles on and off frequently. This can also be a symptom of a blocked condenser or dirty evaporator. It can also be a sign that your A/C is too large for your home.

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