How You Can Save by Turning Off the Air Conditioner While You’re Away

turning off your a/c

Air conditioning can add substantially to your utility bills in the summer months, but staying cool when the heat rises is important enough to make dealing with the expense worth it. You want to save money by using your air conditioner in the most efficient way possible, and you may have heard that leaving your system on when you leave the house is the best way to maintain efficiency. However, you could actually save by turning off the air conditioner when you’re not around.

Why You Should Turn Your Air Conditioner Off

Turning your air conditioner off and on puts a strain on the system, right? There is a common misconception that your system uses a substantial amount of energy when turning on, and people who claim that this is a waste of energy say that the energy expended when an air conditioner is booting up is actually greater than the energy used by a system that has been left on all day.

This misconception comes from the fact that your home starts to heat up when you turn off your air conditioner. Your system could be maintaining a certain temperature all day, or you could turn it off before you leave and force it to cool your home down 10 or 15 degrees when you get home.

The fact is that air conditioners are most efficient when they are running at full blast, and you’ll notice that the humidity in your home is significantly reduced when your air conditioner is running to its full capacity. Optimal efficiency is achieved when your thermostat is set at about 78 degrees. Of course, the efficiency of homes in holding in conditioned air varies, and intense heat waves may mean you can’t turn the A/C off altogether.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

Whether you need preventative maintenance services, repairs or some advice about boosting the efficiency of your air conditioning system, Bruce Thornton A/C is here to help. Experienced technicians are able to explain how you can save by turning off the air conditioner and how to keep your utility bills under control.

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