Should You Keep The House Sealed to Prevent Allergies?

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If you’re prone to seasonal allergies during allergy season, then sealing up your Lubbock, Texas, is quite tempting, but that might be counterproductive. Depending on the cause of your allergy symptoms, you might sacrifice your home’s indoor air quality and your health by not getting fresh air.

Distinguishing Allergies

Before trying to prevent your allergy symptoms, you need to make sure the problems are actually caused by allergens. People are more prone to viruses in the fall and can mistake those viruses for allergies. Low humidity is also a trigger for allergy-like symptoms like a runny or stuffy nose, which people confuse for allergies. Key differences are that allergies tend to last longer and are more constant. After determining if seasonal allergies are really the problem, then you can decide what’s best for your household.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Indoor air quality issues are also a cause of allergy-like symptoms in your home. If you have poor indoor air quality, it’s just as bad to seal up your home as it is to come into contact with outdoor allergens. Have the indoor air quality tested before sealing up your home, and carry out strategies to improve indoor air quality. Brush and groom pets regularly, dust, vacuum, and don’t smoke in the house. Don’t forget to check and replace your air filter often as well.

Finding a Balance

If you have seasonal allergies, you want to limit your contact with those allergens. Sealing up your home is important for energy-efficiency, but you need to make sure the air inside is clean as well. If you’re not sure that allergies are the problem, enjoy the fresh air as much as possible, and save energy by keeping the windows open as opposed to using your air conditioner during the fall or spring. 

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