Choosing the Right Faucet

 Right Faucet

When considering upgrades for your kitchen or bathroom, your faucet is one thing in your Lubbock, Texas, home that isn’t just about looks. Although aesthetics are important, the right faucet could also make your life easier and be safer for your home.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

A popular choice for energy-conscious consumers are low-flow faucets. A faucet aerator or a low-flow faucet significantly cuts your water consumption. You likely won’t notice much of a difference in the water pressure, but you will notice a difference with your water bill. You should definitely consider a low-flow when you’re upgrading, and consider installing an affordable aerator for the faucets in your home that aren’t ready for upgrades. 

Technological Advances

When choosing a new faucet, you may want to consider technological advances for your home. Consider a motion-sense or touchless for your kitchen or bathroom and turn your faucet on and off just by waving your hand. This also senses when something like a cup is underneath the faucet. Although this technology is a little pricey, it also is energy-efficient and will reduce water usage in your home. The touchless faucet is also a good way to prevent spreading germs in your home. 

Single of Double Handled Faucets

When considering a faucet, you should also consider whether you want a single-handle or double-handled one. For many people, the difference is just in appearance, but for some, it can make a real difference. A single-handled faucet is much easier to work than a double, making this option recommended more appropriate for those with arthritis or older generations. Many kids just grab and turn one of the knobs, which could cause harm if they go for the hot. A single-handled knob is more appropriate for children since it’s less likely to be turned toward the full-hot direction. 

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