End the Thermostat Wars

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Dealing with thermostat wars in your O’Donnell, Texas, home can feel like you’re constantly trying to reach a comfortable temperature. Different people within the house tend to have varying ideas of what is the ideal setting, which leads to constant adjustments of the thermostat. As a result, your HVAC system may not be running as efficiently as it should. Use these tips to find a balance among your family members and reach a compromise over the thermostat.

Understand the Needs of Each Individual

You’ve probably met someone who’s always shivering, even when it’s warm outside. Some people feel colder or hotter than others, regardless of what the temperature is indoors or outdoors. In fact, the hypothalamus is the part of your brain that regulates temperature, so yours may process temperatures differently. Stress also impacts your temperature because blood moves to your core organs, causing you to feel warmer.

According to a study in the International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, females are more likely to feel sensitive to the air temperature. These factors indicate that temperature can feel different to different people, so understanding that can help you be more sensitive to each individual’s needs.

Find a Compromise

It’s not easy to reach a compromise when it comes to a battle over the thermostat, but try sitting down together as a family to discuss how the constant adjustments are impacting the monthly bills. From there, you can adjust the thermostat by just one degree at a time to figure out a comfortable range.

Invest in Fans and Heaters

You should also invest in a few options that can provide instant heating or cooling when someone in the house is feeling chilly or hot. Use floor and box fans during the summer months to move air and provide a cooling effect. In the winter, put out a space heater and make sure to have plenty of blankets and sweatshirts around for your chillier family members.

If you can’t strike a balance, contact us at Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning to look for additional HVAC solutions by calling 806-589-1014.

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