4 Pieces of Equipment Every Restaurant Kitchen Must Have

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Whether you’re starting a restaurant, or you’re an established restaurateur, you should know the importance of premium kitchen equipment. Without the proper tools, you can’t do the job correctly or timely, causing employee stress and poor customer feedback. If you’re looking to stock or upgrade your kitchen, there are pieces of equipment your Lubbock, Texas, restaurant simply can’t do without.

Ice Machine

Although you may think that ice machines have remained virtually unchanged since their conception, modern innovations have given you the chance to increase your ice production at a fraction of the cost. Many of these ice machines operate at a lower energy level, allowing you to save money on your monthly utility bill.

Various Refrigerators

Many amateur restaurateurs only consider bulky reach-in refrigerators or walk-in models for the restaurant. However, the truth is that you need several refrigerators of various sizes. Undercounter fridges, minifridges, and a mix of the others provide your staff with numerous places to get the ingredients they need quickly and efficiently. In addition, new refrigerators have the Energy Star logo, meaning they’ll lower your bills, require less maintenance, and keep your food ready for prep when you need it.

Gas Grills

Although electric grills are just fine for residential cooking, they just don’t work well in the restaurant world. For your restaurant, you need the precision heat control that only a gas grill can offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Thai restaurant or a burger joint, you’ll thank yourself for spending the extra money to cook your entrées to perfection.

Custom Equipment

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, and without proper planning, food can’t seamlessly flow from the cooking line to your customers’ plate. However, not every kitchen has a layout conducive to optimal efficiency. In this case, you may want to consider a customized kitchen. Our metal fabrication shop allows us to customize tables, exhaust systems, and anything else you may need to make your kitchen run at its finest.

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