3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Air Healthy

Clean Those Coils

It’s a hot day in Lubbock, Texas and all you want to do is relax in the cool, clean air of your living room. Your home, however, could be filled with less than clean air. At Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning, we want to make sure you know how to keep your indoor air healthy, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to maintain your air hygiene.

Invest in a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is poisonous gas without odor or color and can be fatal at high concentrations. It is created by the incomplete combustion of various fuels used in residential buildings. As carbon monoxide accumulates in a house, residents begin to suffer from its ill effects such as headaches, upset stomach, and even chest pain.

BTAC can help install a carbon monoxide detector in your home for added safety. A carbon monoxide detector functions much like a fire alarm. When the concentration of CO reaches a hazardous level, an alarm will sound, giving residents enough time to evacuate safely.

Change Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter at regular intervals, and at least once every 90 days, is essential to maintaining indoor air quality. If you recently moved and have never changed the filter, check out our helpful guide on changing the filter for the first time. Be sure to select the correct size for your unit.

Have Your HVAC Coils Cleaned

The coils in your HVAC unit can become coated in dirt and other particles. Outdoor air needs to pass over the coils to be cooled to the right temperature. If the coils are dirty, unwanted particles from the coils can be transferred into your home. To ensure optimal indoor air quality, have the coils cleaned regularly. Get expert help through BTAC’s HVAC maintenance services.

BTAC is Happy to Help

If you need your filters replaced, coils cleaned, or a CO detector installed, contact BTAC at 806-589-1014. In addition to our outstanding indoor air quality services, we can also discuss options for installing products such as ventilators, UV lamps, and air cleaners.

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