2 Reasons Why Your Water Smells Off

If the water in your Lubbock, Texas, home smells off, there could be a number of explanations. It’s always unpleasant to have bad-smelling water, and knowing what’s causing the problem can be helpful when looking for a solution. Here’s a quick guide to two of the main reasons why your water may be smelling strange.

Gas Buildup

If you notice a sewage-like odor, chances are you’re dealing with a gas buildup. The smell itself is caused by debris such as food or other decaying matter sitting in your drain. When the water is turned on, the liquid disturbs the gas, making it smell like the water itself is the issue. To check and ensure that this is actually the issue, pour a glass of water and then walk well away from the sink. If the water smells fine, you can proceed to fix the problem.

To combat this, just run some hot water through your drain and your disposal if you have one. Using some soap, carefully clean out the area around and just inside the drain. Pouring vinegar down the sink can also help.

Presence of Bacteria

If your water still smells after you walk away, you may be looking at an issue with bacteria in the water itself. This can appear as a sewage smell or sulfur smell. Hydrogen sulfide is the most common culprit behind these odors. Found in oxygen-deprived locations such as deep wells, hydrogen sulfide isn’t dangerous for you and is common in many of these reservoirs, both private and public.

Get a water testing kit and see if your water tests positive for hydrogen sulfide. If it does, contact a professional to check if there is proper ventilation at your water source. The magnesium rod in your water heater may also play a role. You can get it replaced with an aluminum alternative to hopefully reduce the smell. You may also benefit from filtration, but if not, you may need a new system altogether.

If you’re facing an issue with your water smelling off, the experts at BTAC can help. Give us a call at 806-589-1014 to set up an appointment today!

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