Pets and Allergies

Pets and IAQ

Do you love cuddling up with your puppy but can’t stand the sneezing and the runny nose? Many homeowners in Lubbock, Texas, endure allergies because they love their pets, but for those who are particularly sensitive to allergies, pet allergens can be especially hazardous. Fortunately, by understanding and attacking pet allergens at the root, pet owners can often fully enjoy the company of their fuzzy friends. Learn the origins of pet-related allergies and how to fight them, and you, your family, and your pets can have a happy, healthy home.

Sources of Pet Allergies

The most abundant cause of pet-related allergies are the flakes of dead skin we call dander. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not the skin itself that humans react to. The allergens actually reside in protein-laced animal saliva, which is spread over dead skin when pets groom themselves. Those dead skin flakes are then scattered across a home. That’s why you may feel extra yucky after being licked in the face by your puppy.

Pets also bring in pollen and other allergens from the outdoors. Since that’s a possibility, it’s crucial that you be tested for what allergens you may be susceptible to. If you only tackle the dander issue, you may not be getting at the source of your allergies.

How to Breathe Easier

If you want to keep your beloved pet around, you’ll need to take some measures to avoid constant misery. You can start by bathing your pet every week to wash that protein-rich saliva off the fur. Create an allergy-free zone (such as a bedroom) where your pet isn’t allowed. Clean your home, clothes, and bed sheets often. If you do all these things and allergies still persist, install a whole-home air purifier, which will catch more irritating particles than a standard HVAC filter.

Your pets are part of your family. Enjoy their company to the fullest extent by fighting allergens before they become a hazard. To have an air purifier installed, or to raise the general indoor air quality of your home, call BTAC today at 806-589-1014.

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