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How You Can Save by Turning Off the Air Conditioner While You’re Away

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turning off your a/c

Air conditioning can add substantially to your utility bills in the summer months, but staying cool when the heat rises is important enough to make dealing with the expense worth it. You want to save money by using your air conditioner in the most efficient way possible, and you may have heard that leaving your system on when you leave the house is the best way to maintain efficiency. However, you could actually save by turning off the air conditioner when you’re not around.

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Could Air Leaks Be Causing the Increase in our Home’s Utility Bills?

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article-utility-billsAn increase in utility bills can be frustrating if you’ve been operating on a tight budget. This is especially true if you’ve gone out of your way to curb heating and cooling activity to keep those seasonal costs in check. It may be helpful to consider some structural issues as you look for solutions to rising energy usage, and checking for air leaks is a good starting place. Read more