As you may have heard, our company owner and founder, Bruce Thornton, passed away on July 26. As we grieve with Bruce’s family, we also look to the future, and for Bruce’s company, the future is bright.

Bruce leaves behind a legacy of honesty, compassion, and generosity. He leaves behind a business built on integrity, quality, and treating people right. And while he may be gone from this life, what’s not gone is the commitment to excellence that Bruce instilled in his company and his employees.

BTAC is in good hands. Bruce’s family owns and controls the company, so you can be assured of stability and a determination to stay true to Bruce’s ideals. The company’s leadership team has a combined total of 167 years at BTAC, and thanks to Bruce’s planning and training over the years, they are ready and exceedingly capable of not only continuing his mission of excelling through integrity but also of improving to serve you even better in the years to come.

While BTAC has lost a great leader, we are by no means leader-less. While we will miss Bruce’s technical savvy and dedication to quality work, we are not short of those qualities in others amongst us. In fact, if you were to call us today, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference in how we handle your needs. Because Bruce didn’t leave behind a company that can’t survive without him. He built a self-sustaining business that will continue to thrive for years to come by doing all of the things that made him successful to begin with.

So don’t hesitate to give us a call. At BTAC, you’ll still find the same quality service performed by the same people, working every day to honor Bruce’s memory by treating you the same way we would want our own family treated. Because that’s what this company has always been about.

Thanks for your business!