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The History Of Ropesville

The High Plains city of Ropesville, Texas is located in the southeast corner of Hockley County. It sits approximately 20 miles southwest of Lubbock on U.S. Highway 62/82.

According to the Texas State Historical Association, settlement of Ropesville began in 1901 when Jim Jarrott began leading homesteaders into the area. Subsequent expansion of the South Plains and Santa Fe Railroad Company lines from Lubbock to Seagraves resulted in the construction of large, roped stock pens and a train depot on land donated by the Spade Ranch. The depot was initially to be named Ropes, but postal officials rejected the name because it was too similar to the Texas community of Ropers. The depot and community were subsequently named Ropesville.

During the Great Depression, the Rural Rehabilitation Division of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration approved 78 projects to help the nation’s farm families reestablish farmsteads, and Ropesville was one of the selected project areas. Homes, farm buildings and water wells were constructed with federal funds under the Ropesville Resettlement Program, and the project eventually spanned 16,000 acres that were divided into 81 farms growing cotton, sorghum and other crops. Participating farm families were eventually allowed to purchase the farms, and 76 privately held farms resulted from the program. The Living New Deal, an online publication of the University of California at Berkeley, lists the Ropesville Resettlement Program as a successful and surviving achievement of the New Deal era.

Things To Do Near Ropesville

The nearness of Ropesville to Lubbock allows this small community to share in the cultural offerings fostered by its much larger neighbor. More than 150 fully restored windmills that supplied vital water to the American West are within a 20-minute drive of Ropesville at the American Wind Power Center. The museum covers 26 acres, and many of the windmills on display are rare examples of a technology that was once essential to the High Plains of Texas. Various hand pumps, photos and models of other windmills are also on display at the museum.

To the east of Ropesville is one of the major recreational areas of West Texas. Buffalo Springs Lake covers 200 surface acres and holds 1.29 billion gallons of water. Anglers find plenty of largemouth bass, crappie and channel catfish here. There are fair numbers of flathead catfish, striped bass and sunfish, and white bass are also found in this man-made reservoir. The lake receives over a million visitors each year. The springs of Buffalo Springs are still present and flowing, but they have been below the reservoir’s surface for many years now.

Several prominent West Texas wineries are within easy driving distance of Ropesville. CapRock Winery has been producing award-winning wines since 1988, and Llano Estacado, which began producing wines 11 years earlier, is the largest premium winery in Texas.

Ropesville is also quite near Prairie Dog Town. This prairie dog colony was started in Lubbock’s Mackenzie Park in the early 1930s when Kennedy Clapp and his wife introduced four dogs and two burrows. The area subsequently became a state park, and the colony was relocated to its current location. It was the first protected prairie dog colony in the United States, and it now features burrowing owls and native Texas grasses in addition to the prairie dog colony. Prairie Dog Town is the fifth most popular tourist attraction in West Texas.

Air Conditioning Service in Ropesville

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