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Brownfield, Texas is a small, cotton-producing community located at the juncture of six highways. It is known as one of the most welcoming cities in the northern part of the state. Thanks to its proximity to Lubbock, the town boasts the best in small-town living with big-city conveniences less than an hour away. Visitors and residents alike are sure to take notice of Brownfield’s bright red soil, which looks particularly striking at sunrise and sunset.

Area History & Geography

Although the area had been traveled by settlers for many years prior, the early framework for Brownfield was laid in 1903 when W.G. Hardin and A.F. Small came to the area to buy lots and plan a town. The area experienced rapid growth thanks to new railroad lines and was officially incorporated in 1920. Agricultural development was a driving force in Brownfield’s expansion and still remains essential to the community today.

The city of Brownfield sits on a deposit called the Blackwater Draw Formation. A layer of sedimentary rock that lays beneath the Draw is known locally as caprock. The name is lent to the Caprock Escarpment, a sharp drop east of the town where many natural history enthusiasts go to get a look at the area’s past. Both residents and visitors enjoy easy access to Lubbock, which lies just 40 miles northeast of Brownfield along Lubbock Road.

Attractions, Diversions & Things To Do

Thanks to its rich, local history and its proximity to Lubbock, Brownfield boasts a wealth of attractions suitable for visitors of all ages. Those who are interested in learning more about the history of the area and the Old West can visit the many historical markers in and around the town. The Terry County Heritage Museum is also a favorite among those who want to delve into local history. Among the city’s most popular walking attractions is the Terry County Quilt Trail, which offers visitors a glimpse into the area’s past while allowing them to enjoy the work of today’s artisans.

Brownfield and the surrounding cities are also home to many parks and recreation facilities suitable for families with kids. Families and individuals who want to visit art museums, attend concerts and catch sporting events can do so by making the short drive to nearby Lubbock. Of course, visitors will find a wealth of hotels and restaurants to cater to their needs throughout Brownville and the surrounding communities.

The Local Residents

Brownfield is home to almost 10,000 residents. The community is made up largely of small families with children, but some retirees also choose to call the area home. Most of the area’s residents are employed at private farms or businesses with many working in the cotton industry.

Area Weather & Climate Conditions

As is typical for northern Texas, Brownfield enjoys temperate winters, but summer temperatures are generally in the low 90s and humidity levels can be high. To stay comfortable in their homes, Brownfield residents generally hire a professional air conditioning service to take care of AC installation, repair and maintenance needs. Visitors who aren’t accustomed to conditions in the area should stay hydrated and avoid going outdoors in mid-to-late afternoon, when temperatures are at their hottest.

Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning in Brownfield, TX

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