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5 Ways to Save Money and Energy This Winter

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You can save money by reducing your Lubbock, Texas, home's energy needs this winter. Making your home more efficient will also get rid of drafts and increase comfort. Here are some ways you can save money and energy this winter. ... Read more →

5 Steps to Take in an Air Conditioning Emergency

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When your air conditioner suddenly stops working during the worst heat wave of the summer, you want an immediate response to your problem, even if it occurs on a night or weekend. To avoid panicking and to bring your issue to a speedy resolution, take these five steps in any air conditioning ... Read more →

The Energy Efficiency Differences Between Ductless Systems and Central Air Conditioning

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Your HVAC system is responsible for nearly half the energy consumption in your Lubbock home. When you want to save on energy bills, assessing your HVAC's energy use and considering a newer system is a great place to start, especially if you currently cool your house with a window air-conditioning ... Read more →

Going on Vacation? Try These Ways to Conserve Energy While You’re Away

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It makes a lot of sense to conserve energy while you’re away on vacation since you won’t be there requiring all the comfort and conveniences major appliances provide. Saving energy will cut energy consumption, but before you turn everything off, it’s helpful to know what’s practical and ... Read more →

Considering A/C Replacement? How Initial and Lifetime Costs Compare

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When you need to make a buying decision about an A/C replacement, think twice. Consider the price you see now and the price you’ll pay later. The initial cost of an A/C replacement is upfront and definite, while lifetime costs are deferred and speculative. The average central air conditioner ... Read more →
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