New Air Conditioner Financing

The HVAC industry is constantly working to create more efficient, more powerful air conditioners and heat pumps, and there’s no better time than the present to invest in a new system and reap the long-term benefits of lower utility bills. Of course, we understand that it’s sometimes difficult for our friends and neighbors to raise the funds to invest in such a system. Fortunately, after 45 years in the business, we at BTAC are financially strong enough to offer AC finance options to our valued customers. It’s just another way to serve our community and help our friends and neighbors stay comfortable.

State, Local and Private Rebates

Thanks to our increasingly environmentally conscious society, more and more communities are working to help homeowners upgrade to more efficient HVAC systems. Depending on the system you purchase, you may qualify for a local, state or federal tax credit or even a rebate from your electric company. We’re fully familiar with the rebates available in our area and will work with you to help find the money for your new air conditioner.

Financing from Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning

If you can’t come up with the funds for a new air conditioner up front, don’t fret. We’re glad to have your business, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to serve your family. For customers who qualify for financing, we offer affordable rates and flexible terms. Give us a call, and we’ll see what we can do, or click the link below to apply now.

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