Things You Can Do To Improve Air Quality This Winter

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The unpredictable weather in Ropesville, Texas, means you have to be ready for anything when winter comes around. Turning the heat on can lead to an increase in airborne allergens and more stuffy noses. If this year the heat has to go up because the temperature outside is going down, don’t let your air quality suffer. Find ways to improve it.

Duct Cleaning

Each year before the temperatures drop, call to get your ducts checked and cleaned. The duct network houses dust mites and other allergens that affect your air quality. A professional cleaning service will remove the debris and check the system for leaks. This means not only cleaner air but more efficient heating and lower energy bills.

New Filters

The filter on your HVAC system cleans the air as it comes into the unit. If the filter is dirty or clogged, the dust and microbes cycle back into the rooms. Changing your filter at least once a month is one of the easiest things you can do to improve air quality. It will also make your system more efficient because it works harder to pull air in if the filter is clogged, and that costs you money.

Add an ERV

An energy recovery ventilation, or ERV system, is an upgrade to your HVAC equipment that improves air quality by preconditioning it. During the winter months, it humidifies and pre-heats the air. This helps maintain the indoor relative humidity to keep the air cleaner, and it improves the air circulation throughout your home. At the same time, an ERV reduces the stress on your HVAC, so there are fewer repairs and less energy usage.

Have Your House Checked for Water Leaks

When the heat goes on, areas that are prone to water leaks become breeding grounds for mold. Have a professional service person come out and check for leaks and make repairs as needed.

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