How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioning Unit for My Lubbock Home?

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Your HVAC equipment is one of the more important investments in your home, enabling you to find comfort indoors when the outside elements are rough. So you may be worried about the safety of your air conditioner’s outside components when the rain starts falling. It is, after all, powered by electricity, so it makes sense to wonder, “does rain affect my air conditioning unit?” Discover the answer to this question, so you can be an informed and savvy homeowner.

Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioning Unit?

Your air conditioner is made up of two main parts: the evaporator coil, which is located indoors in the furnace, and the compressor unit, which is located outdoors. It’s the outside component that may be exposed to rainfall when the showers arrive, and the part you may be concerned about. Luckily, the compressor is designed with the likelihood of rainfall in mind, and cannot be harmed by such conditions, even severe rainfall (a flood is another matter, as your unit should never be completely submerged in water).

Covering your system is unnecessary as well – doing so can even lead to more issues that wouldn’t occur if it was just left be. For example, airflow is needed to dry the internal components, and a cover can hinder this process. This can cause your system to rust much faster than it would without any cover over it. By simply leaving your unit alone (aside from having it maintained before the cooling season starts) you can rest assured your air conditioner will be good to go when the hot South Plains area summertime returns.

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