How to Transition Your HVAC System to Spring

hvac maintenance for spring

As the flowers start to bloom and the spring sunshine returns to Woodrow, Texas, it’s time to shift your HVAC system into cooling mode. From changing the air filter to cleaning the outdoor unit, here’s how to transition your HVAC system to spring.

Change the Air Filter

Start your HVAC system’s spring transition by changing the air filter. This simple device is essential for keeping dirt and dust out of your air conditioner and out of your air supply.

During the winter, you may have only changed the air filter every three months. As the weather heats up and you rely on your air conditioner to stay cool, it is important to check the filter every month. It may need to be changed more frequently. This will help your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible while keeping your family cool.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Before summer arrives, don’t forget to schedule preventive maintenance for your HVAC system. At Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning, we recommend doing this as early as possible in the spring.

During an air conditioner tuneup, we’ll check fluid levels, test electrical wiring, and even adjust your thermostat for the season. We’ll also look for potential issues that you can address now to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Tidy Up the Outdoor Unit

Winter and early spring can bring serious storms to the Woodrow, TX, area, leading to downed branches, leaves, and other debris on your HVAC system’s outdoor unit. In addition, spring means new grass, as well as shrub and flower growth that can obstruct your air conditioner.

Since plant matter and debris on or near your HVAC unit can cause the system to run less efficiently, you should tidy it up in the spring and maintain the landscaping throughout the growing season. Keep the grass short and trim back shrubs to give the outdoor unit three feet of clearance all around.

Whether you need to schedule preventive maintenance or you want advice on purchasing a new air conditioner, our team is here to help. Call Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning for your HVAC needs all year-round: 806-589-1014.

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