4 Tips for Reducing the Cost of Home Heating This Winter

????????If last winter’s energy bills left you cold, you may be interested in ways to reduce heating costs in your South Plains area home. These four tips will help to keep your heating costs manageable throughout the winter season.

Start at the Thermostat

It almost seems too obvious: turn your thermostat down and your energy bill will go down, too. The trick lies in finding a way to stay comfortable. Luckily, you don’t have to live with Arctic temperatures to see savings. A consistent one degree reduction in temperature can lead to a 3 percent savings on your bill.
For even bigger savings, try lowering your temperature while everyone is gone for the day or at night when heavy blankets can keep you warm. You may be able to lower your thermostat by as much as 10-15 degrees without feeling uncomfortable, a reduction that could lower your energy bill by 10 percent.

Adjust Hot Water Heater Settings

Just like your heating system, your water heater will use less energy at a lower temperature setting. Water heaters are typically set at 140 degrees in the factory. Try lowering the temperature by 20 degrees to reduce heating costs without noticing any difference in the shower.

Eliminate Air Leaks

If your home is drafty, you are basically paying to heat the outdoors. Use weatherstripping and caulk to seal around doors, windows, and other openings such as dryer vents and plumbing or electrical penetrations.

Boost Insulation

Inadequate insulation forces your heating system to work harder to keep your home warm. Adding insulation can both lower heating costs in the winter. As a bonus, it conserves energy in the summer as well. To determine the amount of insulation you need, check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zip Code Insulation Calculator.
Don’t forget to insulate your older water heater, as well. If your model didn’t come already insulated, you can buy an insulation jacket or blanket at the hardware store for a reasonable cost.
For more information on how to reduce heating costs or for help with any HVAC problems, please contact us at Bruce Thornton A/C. We have proudly served the South Plains area since 1972.

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