3 Things to Know About Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes

A myth persists in some homeownership and plumbing circles that cast iron is old technology that everyone needs to replace. In fact, cast iron is still a viable plumbing option, and many old homes have cast iron pipes with no issues. Instead of assuming cast iron is a bad choice for a Floydada, Texas, home, you might be surprised to find it has its advantages in the modern world.

Old Homes Often Have Cast Iron

Most old homes have cast iron pipes. If you have never had the plumbing in your home replaced, and the previous owner didn’t either, chances are you’ve got cast iron. Though some people think cast iron is outdated and needs to be replaced with PVC, that’s not necessarily the case. Cast iron pipes fare pretty well if they don’t rust on the inside. If your old home is experiencing no plumbing issues, then you can leave that cast iron right where it is.

Cast Iron Is Quieter

If you’re sensitive to noise, then cast iron pipes are your best friend. PVC pipes do next to nothing to dampen the sound of running water throughout your house. Cast iron, on the other hand, is great for deadening noise. Lots of people don’t mention this aspect of cast iron, especially if they’re singing the praises of PVC.

Cast Iron Can Rust

Within cast iron pipes, the galvanization wears away after a few decades. That makes a rougher interior that can rust or catch materials that create clogs. Though this is a problem with cast iron pipes, it doesn’t mean all cast iron pipes are doomed to clog. This problem is more likely to happen with old cast iron, and the newer products are far superior.

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