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It’s Almost Fall: Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Now

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Fall is a transitional season – the perfect opportunity to perform HVAC maintenance that readies your furnace for the coming heating season and puts your A/C into a protective state so it will be ready for use next spring. This interval also gives your qualified HVAC technician the ... Read more →

What Are the Most Common A/C Problems and How Can I Handle Them?

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It's the height of summer and the worst possible time for your air conditioner to break down. Calling an HVAC technician to come fix it can be both time-consuming and costly. And what if the problem turns out to be something really simple? Here are four common A/C problems to check for before ... Read more →

4 Simple Ways You Can Cut Cooling Costs in Your Home

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How much does it cost to cool your home in the summer? As the summer heat warms up the house, the A/C is going to be working harder, but there are many ways you can cut cooling costs in your home. ... Read more →

How You Can Save by Turning Off the Air Conditioner While You’re Away

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Air conditioning can add substantially to your utility bills in the summer months, but staying cool when the heat rises is important enough to make dealing with the expense worth it. You want to save money by using your air conditioner in the most efficient way possible, and you may have heard ... Read more →

Duct Sealing and Insulation – an Easy Way to Improve A/C Efficiency

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If you have a typical Texas home with a forced-air system, as much as 20 percent of the conditioned air being pumped out by your HVAC equipment is lost before it reaches your cooling registers due to leaks and gaps in the ducts. Duct sealing and insulation can lower these losses significantly, and ... Read more →

Reduce Allergens in your South Plains, TX home and Enjoy Improved Indoor Air Quality

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From pollen to mold spores to dust mites, allergens are everywhere. Without a good ventilation system, your allergies might not get a break even when you're inside your home. You can't control the allergens outside your home, but with a little attention to indoor air quality, you can breathe easily ... Read more →
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