Ways to Save Money During Fall by Making Your Home Energy Efficient

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Fall and the cooler temperatures that roll in with it are just around the corner, even here in Texas. You’ve probably noticed the pumpkin patches full of bright orange gourds, as well as other holiday decorations now lining the aisles and shelves of stores. Your Morton, Texas, home also needs some preparation to keep it warm and energy-efficient, even through those chilly nights.

Stay Warm

No one wants to be cold, especiallhy in their own home, and there are lots of ways to stay warm during fall that don’t involve turning up your thermostat. If you put all of these tips to use, you may even be able to program your thermostat down a few degrees. Test yourself by starting at 68 degrees. If you’re comfortable, decrease the thermostat a degree or two if you want. Each degree you heat your house above 68 increases your energy use by six to eight percent. That can add up to a lot of money!

To stay warm, put on some extra layers of clothing. Instead of wandering around the house in your T-shirt and comfy pants, put on a sweater, fluffy scarf, socks, or even wear sweatpants over your yoga pants. These extra layers help you to feel warmer, even if the air around you is colder. When sleeping, pull up the blankets and even consider adding an extra one to your bed.

Wherever you have ceiling fans, be sure to set them for winter to spin in the reverse direction. When fans spin the opposite way, they push warm air, which rises to the ceiling, back to the floor to keep you nice and warm. Another easy warming technique you can use in your home is to open the curtains during the day to let in the natural sunlight.

Energy-Efficient Power Usage

Making your home energy-efficient is not just about limiting your use of the HVAC system; there are plenty of other appliances in your home that can be made more energy efficient also. If you haven’t already done so, one of the easiest ways to save energy is to switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs or even LED bulbs. Do this with the light fixtures throughout your house, and you’re sure to see the difference in your next energy bill.

Whether you’re using your appliances or not, they are still sucking up a little bit of electricity. Consider upgrading any of your older appliances to those that have Energy Star ratings; they’ll definitely be more energy-efficient. A bi-annual or annual maintenance inspection of your HVAC system when the weather changes also can make your equipment use energy more efficiently.

Seal the Leaks

Sealing your home will make sure that you can heat the inside without letting in the cold, outside air. Leaks often appear around windows, doors, and any other seams in your home. With just a little caulk or sealant, you can easily block the leaks and keep out the cold air. At night, cover your windows with heavy curtains to add an additional layer of insulation to your home.

When sealing those leaks, be sure to check your fireplace. If you never use your fireplace, or it’s not functional, consider sealing the chimney to keep it from leaking cold air into your home. If you do use your fireplace, make sure that the damper is closed when a fire isn’t lit. An open fireplace damper can let in as much cold air as leaving a window open.

If you can incorporate even just a few of these energy-saving tips, your home is sure to be more energy-efficient and will save you money on utility costs this fall. If you find that you need repairs or annual maintenance on your HVAC unit, don’t hesitate to give Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning a call at 806-589-1014. We hope you have a warm, happy, and healthy fall in your Morton, Texas, home.

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